The Redevelopment Of Antioch TN Has Made The Neighbourhood Flourish

Wow do I remember going to Hickory Hollow Mall. It isn’t named that anymore I see, as it is called Commons at the Crossings. Through that transition, it appears that the neighborhood of Antioch had a really difficult time economically. Now, however, a redevelopment and resurgence of that area has meant significant improvement in regards to the economy. In fact, that area of the neighborhood of Antioch is now said to be the 2nd largest employment center in the city of Nashville.

I can imagine that there are all kinds of new stores and restaurants there now. It is a nice area of Nashville, but it was so heavily reliant upon it’s mall. It is no secret that malls are struggling nationwide, and that didn’t help matters. Not all redevelopments of areas that housed malls are going to flourish right away either.

In the case of Antioch, it worked out great. It is amazing how the area was able to turn around that quickly. I will tell you what though. I remember going to Hickory Hollow Mall, and it was a fun time for sure. Now Hickory Hollow Mall is just memories because as mentioned, it was replaced by Commons at the Crossings. In this instance, the area took on new strip malls and individual stores.

It is interesting how a change of landscape with new stores in a different setting makes such a big difference. Antioch is now set to thrive for years to come and be part of the growth of Nashville. It also seems like it is going to be one major traffic jam. It’s a good traffic jam though, and now they can work on that issue. Whether you live in Antioch or not, it also seems like a great place to get a good job.